Monday, December 4, 2017

2018 Elyria Draft Streets Selection List

Part of the process for City Council to select streets for repair is to rank the worst streets in the City.  Council members provide a list of streets to the Engineering Department, which then provides a ranking next to each street.  A ranking of "1" is the worst and a ranking of "5" is the best. 

The Engineering Department provides the Council with a list of proposed streets for repair based on other projects that might be needed as well to avoid tearing up newly-repaired roads, such as water mains, sewer lines and stormwater lines.  The Finance Director provides an amount for street repairs that year, then the Engineering Department makes recommendations to the Council.  The Engineer also marks on the list potential other sources of funding (such as Ohio Public Works Commission "OPWC" or Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency "NOACA").

These recommendations are then considered by the Council in the Utilities, Safety and Environment Committee.  Once that Committee reaches a consensus, they vote to send it to full Council for approval. 

Elyria still has not decided how much money will be spent on street repairs for the upcoming year.  This will depend upon the funds that the Finance Director projects to be available, and also depends upon whether or not the Council will designate any money to be applied towards street resurfacing and maintenance from the General Fund or other sources (such as Issue 6, Insurance Demutualization windfall fund, or other funds).

The draft streets selection list for 2018 has been provided by the Engineering Department as the first step in the process for 2018.  Again, this is the first step in the process.  This list is provided below:

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