Friday, November 24, 2017

Sanitation Rates to Increase

The Council voted to increase sanitation rates in the City for the next two years.  The third year's rate increases will likely pass at the next meeting.  This is to accommodate the fact that the administration has shifted our City Arborist and tree maintenance expenses to the Sanitation Fund, rather than continue to take it from Parks and Recreation Department from where it was paid for years.  Now these costs can be paid by raising rates, which residents have no ability to oppose by a vote, rather than from a department that is funded from the General Fund and Issue 6 funds, which come from income tax dollars.

If you are interested in the information that was presented to Council, you can find it in the Available Documents section of this web page (on the right, scroll down).

1 comment:

Herb L said...

Mark, Thank you for your honesty! The Sanitation Fund has become nothing more than a slush fund over the years just because council can raise the rates at anytime they please. I just wish more Elyrians were paying attention. Any chance we could get you to run for Mayor? Or maybe at least move into the 3rd Ward? We could use some decent representation in our ward again.