Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Construction in the Ward

The East Side Interceptor project is now progressing down Whitman Blvd, which is completely blocked at Gulf Road.  This week, Gulf Road was closed just south of Crestview.  Several vehicles apparently drove through private properties to get around the barricades and barrels after hours and barrels were even moved by someone to get through the private yard.  The intersection of Gulf and Whitman will be CLOSED TO ALL TRAFFIC until the work is completed at that intersection.  The sewer will be making its way across Gulf towards Whitman.  With the depth of the sewer and the size of the trench, the Engineering Department decided for safety sake, the intersection needs to be closed 24/7.  No more after-hours local access.

W. River Rd. N. is narrowed over the turnpike so that work and repairs can be completed on the overpass.

Street resurfacing on Ford Road will be completed later this summer, so keep an eye out for the work in that area if you are using Ford Road regularly or as an alternate.

School's out for some and will soon be out for all the kids in the area.  Be extra cautious with kids playing outside near the street!

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