Monday, April 24, 2017

Town Hall Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the latest 4th Ward Town Hall Meeting are now available in the Available Documents section on this web page.  Look to the right and scroll down!  You will find other interesting information on this web site under that section as well.

It was a great, informative meeting and it was very well-attended.  There is nothing quite like a room full of neighbors who are interested and concerned about our city and are willing to ask questions, voice their opinions and provide feedback and ideas to our city leadership.  It is very appreciated and definitely noticed by our city representatives, as you heard at the meeting!

In the alternative, you can click the link below:

April 20, 2017 Town Hall Meeting Minutes

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mackyton said...

I am so pleased that you shared the meeting minutes here on this blog! It is good that the meeting was successful. I am also a new business owner and attended first board meeting recently at the meeting space San Francisco. It was quite nice experience and I got to know a lot about such events for entrepreneurs.