Friday, October 7, 2016

Autumn Leaf Collection

Beginning Monday, October 17, 2016 through Saturday, December 3, 2016, the City of Elyria leaf collection program will be in operation. Leaves should be raked to the curb in piles or rows as close as possible, but not into the street. No brush, twigs or other material should be mixed with leaves as these items clog the vacuum equipment and slow the collection process.

Approximately eight (8) crews will cover the entire City of Elyria and will concentrate first on areas with more mature trees. Routes will generally follow sanitation routes but the schedule is greatly influenced by weather (rain as well as snow). Due to manpower and weather variations -no set date for collection on a particular street or area is available.

No leaves will be collected after Saturday, December 3, 2016. Residents may dispose of leaves contained in brown paper composting bags at the Elyria Compost Center at 45 Chestnut Street during posted hours of operation.

Please remember these important safety points:
• DO NOT allow children to play in leaf piles near the street/curb
• DO NOT place branches or other debris in the leaf piles. Doing so may result in noncollection of the leaves
• DO NOT park vehicles on or near leaf piles; we encourage residents to use their driveways during leaf and snow season in order to keep roadways clear and accessible Elyria residents, with proof of residency (ie: driver's license or water bill receipt), may bring bagged leaves (and grass clippings) to the City's compost facility located at 45 Chestnut St.

For additional information or questions — please call the Elyria Street Dept. at 440-322-3129 or the Safety Service Director's office at 440-326-1404

All leaves collected are composted and not dumped at the landfill

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