Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Historical Start to 2015--no legislation!

The first Council meeting of the year was held on January 5 with no legislation to consider.  According to long-serving council members Jack Baird and Larry Tanner, they cannot recall a meeting in their history where there was no legislation to consider.

Items to note from the meeting include:

1.  Layoff notices were distributed in December and "bumping" is completed.  All part-time employees were laid off and only one full-time employee was left without a job.  Many of the employees from the General Fund bumped into positions that were currently open in the Enterprise Fund departments (such as Wastewater, Water Distribution, Sanitation, etc.).

2.  A tentative agreement has been reached between the Administration and the Fire Department on a one-year contract.  This matter was referred to Council for consideration and will be discussed in a later committee meeting.  There are no public details at this time.

3.  The imposition of the Stormwater Fee has been postponed due to issues with billing these charges through the county property records.  They may be delayed during the first quarter to allow time for the software upgrades in the Utility Department, which are necessary in order to allow for billing these charges through our own department, rather than through the tax duplicates.  This will cause delays in the planned construction projects that will be implemented through this program, including the East Side Interceptor upgrade and improvements to the Spring Valley area drainage.

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Mark Craig said...

Apparently, it was not as historical as we originally thought. According to the Council Clerk's office, in 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 there was no legislation passed at the first Council meeting in January of the New Year...with referrals done properly, the end of the year close-out budget activities, and no urgent/emergency/crisis looming, each of these years started off quietly as well.