Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Relief in Sight for Spring Valley Area Stormwater Drainage

The Storm Water Advisory Committee ("SWAC") created by City Council is moving into the final phase of its findings and recommendations concerning the City's stormwater control plan and associated fees.  There are two parts of the funding.  First, the City needs to address unfunded mandates for stormwater control issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, including work to separate the stormwater drainage from the sewer system.  Second, the City will have some discretionary funding for projects throughout the City to improve stormwater management. 

The SWAC and Engineer are developing target projects for the first three to five years of the new program.  One of the projects on the list will be improvement of the stormwater drainage in the "Spring Valley" area, which is located between the Ohio Turnpike and Whitman.  I previously submitted referrals to Council concerning the drainage in this area, which is currently in Pending Items with the Utilities/Safety/Environment Committee, as it is waiting for the Stormwater Plan recommendations to be analyzed and implemented by Council. 

According to a report at the last City Council meeting by KE McCartney and the Administration, these recommendations should be coming to Council at the June 2 Council meeting.  That would make the second reading on July 2 and the public hearing at the August 4 meeting.  The new fee will likely commence in January 2015 and will be assessed and paid through the real property tax bill.

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