Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 Street Resurfacing List

Last night at the Utilities Committee meeting, the Committee received a list of streets in all wards with estimates for the cost to resurface each street.  The street estimate list was prepared based on the streets that were submitted by Council members and other officials for consideration in the 2014 resurfacing program.  A copy of that list can be found in the Available Documents section of this web page (on the right, scroll down). 

A total of $382,000 has been made available this year to resurface streets.  Out of the streets on the list, the following were selected by the Committee and will be recommended to full Council:

Ward 1:  Park Avenue (between E. Heights and Harvard); Oxford and Garford Intersection (an additional $6,000 not listed on the estimate list, but provided to the Committee)
Ward 2:  Morgan Avenue (Lake Avenue to the RR tracks)
Ward 3:  (None)
Ward 4:  Naples (Greenway to Antioch)
Ward 5:  Pratt
Ward 6:  (None)
Ward 7:  Fairwood (Abbe to Salem)

Two alternates were also selected to include in the bid estimates:
1.  Woodland Avenue (Foster to Walnut)
2.  Windsor Drive (Windsor to Canterbury loop)

The Committee also discussed putting additional money back into the Street Department to pay for materials so that more patching can be done throughout the City.  The Street Department's budget for materials has already been supplemented this year and is currently exhausted, according to the Safety Service Director.  As such, an amount will be identified for materials for the Street Department and that amount will be recommended to be allocated for patching over the summer.  This will affect the alternates, if the bids come in lower than the Engineer's estimates, but otherwise there should be plenty of funds to take care of the primary streets selected above.

There is an additional $50,000 that will be used for crack sealing in 2014.

Recently, it was discovered that the box culvert under N. Abbe Road near Fire Station #4 has been damaged due to the recent flooding and will likely need to be repaired.  The Committee identified another $100,000 that could be available for emergency repairs, again based on the bond payment fund. 

Gulf Road at Spring Valley has been temporarily patched but will need permanent repairs.  The Engineer is currently looking to fund this through NOACA funding, but this is not likely to be obtained immediately.  We will be keeping an eye on that area to see if the need becomes more imminent.

The Committee also passed over several streets on the 2014 suggested list because they could be repaired in conjunction with other projects, such as water or sewer line work or stormwater projects.  That is the case with N. Pasadena.  It is our hope that the new Stormwater Program will address repairs on that street within the next couple of years, early in the program.  That entire "Spring Valley" area has been identified as a significant need for improvements to be made for drainage.

These recommendations will be provided to Council for consideration at the next City Council meeting, scheduled for June 2 at 7:00 p.m. 

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Mark Craig said...

The street resurfacing list was approved at last night's Council meeting.