Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Flooding in your basement/water backup issues

If your basement floods or you get a backup, contact Wastewater immediately so they can assist you, log it and track the situation.  Sometimes you are not the only one in an area, so reporting the problem helps greatly in finding out what might be a much bigger issue. 

The City has operators at Wastewater 24/7 and they take all calls from residents regarding sewage backups, sewer odors, and water in the street complaints.  The operators get the calls immediately to the collection system supervisors and they are investigated from there.  If you are unable to get through at the Wastewater operator, you can also call the police department non-emergency line.   

Residents should call the Wastewater plant at 440-366-2211 and press Option 0 to get the Operator.  The police non-emergency line (Dispatch) is 440-323-3302.

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