Monday, July 1, 2013

Cascade Siphon and Bottleneck Improvements Project Update from QCI

The contractor has completed the installation of the sanitary sewer and manholes along St. Clair Street.  Over the next month, the contractor will modifying the sanitary connections for the houses on the south side of Ohio Street, between Glenwood Street and St. Clair Street. The contractor will be contacting each of the affected residents prior to performing the work to discuss possible disruptions as the work proceeds.
The re-lining of the existing sewers on the north section of Washington Avenue, and on Glenwood St. from Washington Avenue to Ohio Street will be completed soon.  The contractor will be accessing the sewer lines through the existing manholes. Traffic will be directed around the work crews at the manholes. Residents who will be affected by this work have already been notified about how their services will be restricted temporarily. The contractor will be contacting the affected residents again, immediately prior to the work being performed to remind them about the temporary restrictions.
Once the re-lining is completed, the contractor will construct a new junction chamber in the intersection of Glenwood Street and Ohio Street. Construction of this junction chamber is anticipated to take three weeks. Details for the routing of traffic around this intersection during the construction will be provided via the Project Update before the work commences.
Once all of the sewer work is completed, the pavement on Washington Avenue, St. Clair Street and Ohio Street will be restored. Information regarding the maintenance of traffic through the work zones will be provided in a future Project Update.
In Elywood Park, the access road has been completed. Construction of the Siphon Maintenance Chamber will now begin along the east bank of the Black River. The contractor will also be working on stabilizing a slope in the same area.
The landscaping has been completed for the stream restoration along the west bank of the Black River, east of the ford in Cascade Park. The planting of live stakes in the stream embankment will be completed in November. After the contractor has started the construction of the Siphon Maintenance Chamber on the east side of the river, they will begin excavating the existing chamber on the west side of the river near the USGS station. Because of the movement of equipment and materials throughout the work sites in both parks, we request that all residents stay clear of the parks during the workdays. The parks will remain closed to the public Monday
through Friday.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of the City Engineer at (440) 326-1444. You can also contact Ed Chrzanowski with QCI-CE, Inc.. He can be contacted at (440) 359-1900 or QCI-CE, Inc.

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