Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Demolition of Residential Properties--4th Ward and the rest of the City

The Lorain County Land Reutilization Corp., also known as the county land bank, will pay for demolitions out of $3.2 million from the state’s court settlement with banks over improper foreclosure lawsuits.  Fortunately, these funds may be used throughout the city, not just in "targeted areas" to which Community Block Grant Funds are limited.   

There are several properties here in the 4th Ward that have already been identified for this program.  In particular, you may have noticed signs up at locations such as 984 Gulf Road indicating that the structure will be demolished as part of the land bank program.

See attached for Land Bank Demolition information.  The "Demo Funding Source of "AG" indicates that it is part of the land bank program.  The remaining properties are designated as NSP3, which is a Block Grant Fund designation.

If you are aware of a property that you believe should be demolished as part of this program, please contact City Hall generally or Kevin Brubaker, the Superintendent of Services for Building and Cemetaries, who may be reached directly at 440-326-1491.

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