Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Low Water Pressure

Last night I spoke with the Mayor about low water pressure in our ward.  Apparently there is a water main break they have been trying to locate all day yesterday and it continues to elude the City workers.  The water pressure was lowered in the area to minimize the impact of the leak.  Mayor Brinda assured me that she has spoken to all of the pertinent “experts” and that there is no current need for a boil alert, despite the fact that the pressure is so low.  She promised to inform me right away if a boil alert becomes necessary and I will similarly pass the word along to you. 

This has also resulted in school closings for Ely, Northwood and Elyria Catholic.  St. Jude School is open with adequate pressure.

Please forward this information to friends, neighbors and other affected residents who may not be on my distribution list.  Stay safe!  Contact me or City Hall (326-1402) with any questions. 

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