Thursday, August 23, 2012

Road Construction Update

Gulf Road bridge over the turnpike should be open for traffic in both directions on Monday morning.  The current plan is to have it open by 7:00 a.m.  The traffic pattern at Abbe Rd. and SR 57 will remain the same (signal timing, etc.) through Thursday of next week to allow time for the transition.  Construction will continue on the bridge, but it will be open to traffic.

West River Road North construction should be completed by Labor Day weekend, barring any final unforeseen circumstances.  This is well ahead of schedule! 

Lorain Blvd. from SR 57 to Lake Avenue will be the next major project undertaken, probably in early September.  Also, look for road crews on the street resurfacing projects to start in mid-September to early October.  No official schedule has been released for these.

I hope that everyone had a great summer!  Time for back to school already.  Please be cautious during school hours and around the school buses.

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MARK F. CRAIG said...

The City just received the contractor's schedule for the street resurfacing program. They plan to start the project on Monday, September 10.