Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 Leaf Pickup Information

From the Street Department:

Leaf pickup began on October 17, 2011 with 4 trucks starting in different areas throughout the city. As leaf fall increased and more residents began to rake out leaves other trucks were put into service and all 8 trucks and trailers are now in service. Since starting leaf pickup on October 17th, approximately 4000 yards of leaves have been collected and disposed of at the yard waste complex. All routes have been picked up twice and the third collection has started.

The leaf routes have been set up in the following manner:

Rt. 1 Gulf Road- All streets north of 57 to city limits between west side of Abbe and all streets west of Gulf to the river.
Rt.2 Georgetown- All streets north of 57 to city limits between east side of Abbe to railroad tracks
Rt.3 St Jude's- All streets south of 57 to Cleveland St from Gulf road to North Ridgeville city limits including all street south of Cleveland to tracks/All street north of East Broad.
Rt.4 Washington Ave- all streets from Broad north to Gulf Rd
Rt.5 Eastgate- all streets south of East Broad between Prospect and Abbe including the Oakdale, Hampton Estate, Defiance area, University Oaks and developments inside the city off Chestnut
Rt.6 Old Eastern Heights- south of Broad between Garford and East River to Michigan and all streets west of East River from Broad Street to the river
Rt.7 West- All streets of West River city limit to city limit, all streets off Lake Ave west and east to Gateway Blvd
Rt.8 South- All streets in city limits starting off Indian Hollow working into town, all streets between East and West Ave. and all streets west of West Ave to river and all street east of East Ave. to river up
Broad St.

The first few weeks, the workers were able to get through routes faster because leaf drop was lighter. Now that heavy leaf dropping has begun, it will take longer to get through each area. If the workers pick up a street today and a resident did not have leaves out, expect 7-10 days before the workers come back, depending on weather. Any resident that raked over this past weekend should have a pick up made on that street within 7 working days. There will be no special trips to pick up leaves if they were not out before the route is run again.

Residents should have their leafs raked out whenever they can and workers will be through the area to pick them up. It is impossible to give a day the workers will be out because of the number of streets, along with weather conditions, breakdowns and other unforeseen issues. After December 4th, the workers will pick up 1 more time but once the street is done, the workers will not be returning. This could also change due to snow (and resulting equipment change-over).

Let us know if you have any questions!

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