Tuesday, August 2, 2011

West River Road Update and Funding

Last night at the City Council meeting, legislation was passed to approve going out for bid on this project. Once the bids are received, reviewed and one is accepted, the project will be scheduled to commence, either late this fall or early January.

This project consists of the following:

Part 1: Repair of existing concrete pavement, sidewalks, driveway aprons, curb and gutter and drainage structures for approximately 1.2 miles of West River Road from SR-57 to Griswold Rd. including intersection improvements for Midway Blvd. The intersection improvements will consist of replacement of old span wire traffic signals with new Mast Arm type signal system. The intersection improvements are 100% funded through ODOT Safety Funds. This also includes replacement of 1175 section of Sanitary sewer in front of Midway Market Square which will eliminate the siphon under the Ohio Turnpike.

Part 2: This part of the project consists of widening by 4 ft. on both sides and resurfacing of approximately 1.3 miles of West River Road from Griswold Road to north corp. line. The work also consists of drainage improvements along the roadway.


Total Estimated Cost of the Project: $4,382,598.50
Federal Funds: $3,047,500.00
OPWC Grants: $380,000.00
ODOT Safety Grants: $175,400.00
City Share: $779,698.50 ($385,000 Sewer Fund. balance from Muni Motor Vehicle Fund)

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Mrs. Childers said...

Why are we bothering to do this now when the mall is dead and the traffic is zero to none? Shouldn't this have happened back when there was still time to save it? And what is 4 feet on either side of the road going to accomplish besides make my front yard smaller? Its not like there will be another lane available to "help with the flow of traffic due to accidents"? Just wondering because the road closing to one lane from July 9th is seriously going to cause me problems getting my husband to and from work and my daughter to and from school. This will add MILES to my trips and where is that gas money going to come from? I can barely afford it as it stands :(