Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Streets to be Resurfaced

The following streets, by ward, have been approved by Council for inclusion in the 2011 Street Repair program. The Auditor has identified $500,000 available for this program, but in the event that bids come in lower, or additional funds are identified to transfer to the Street Repair program, alternate streets have been included. The streets are as follows:

Ward 1
Kenyon (Garford-Park) $43,806
Alternate: Marseilles Ave. (Cleve-Greely) $39,100

Ward 2
Adams St. (Bell-High) $50,349
Alternate: Filmore St. $27,473

Ward 3
Park Ave. (Yale-Michigan) $120,750

Ward 4
Alternate: Canterbury (Whitman-Whitman) $72,661
Crestview (concrete portion) $120,903

Ward 5
8th St. (West-Riverside) $52,900

Ward 6
Alternate: Chadwick Dr. $30,481
Oakwood (Penfield-Woodland) $63,870

Ward 7
Howard St. (Abbe-Georgetown) $98,900

Totals: $551,478 Alternates: $169,715

There are also major thoroughfare improvements planned for this year, which are not identified above, including Gulf Road, N. Abbe Rd. and W. River Rd. N. in the 4th Ward.

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