Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeding Wild Animals/Deer Population Control

The next Safety Committee meeting on these issues has been scheduled for March 23 at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall. We expect to have a draft of the feeding wild animals ordinance and to hear from our Animal Control Committee regarding these issues. Please attend and let us know your thoughts, issues and ideas if you are interested in these issues.

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Beth said...

We live along the Black River across from Cherry Ridge Golf Course. There is a herd of deer that lives on our property and that of our neighbors. We enjoy watching these beautiful peaceful creatures who live in a habitat that many generations of their ancestors also occupied. The neighbors provide a salt lick and feed corn to help them survive the winter in a healthy condition. They do not come up into the landscaped part of our yards but stay on the hill along the river. They don't damage property or wander into the road or the "city lots" away from the river. They are such a part of the area that our dogs do not bark at them and they don't run when the dogs stand at the top of the hill and watch them. We often will stand at the top of the hill and watch them on the lower part of our property tending their young.
We are doing no harm to anyone when we help them survive the harshest parts of the winter. I understand that when deer are lured into neighborhoods of city lots, they could cause problems but it seems that perhaps that issue is a neighbor problem that could be solved in a way that doesn't require legislation forbidding all feeding of wildlife.