Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Opposition to Issue 21

At last night's Council meeting, three members of Council voted against a resolution to support Issue 21. These are the same members that originally voted against sending this permanent income tax increase to the ballot earlier in the year. The underlying purpose for having such a resolution in the first place was questionable, particularly when Council was required to vote to put the measure on the ballot in the first place.

I was one of the three members voting against supporting Issue 21, along with Mary Siwierka (D) and Garry Gibbs (R). We submitted a letter to the Chronicle Telegram and the Lorain Morning Journal, which have not yet been printed. We also received a letter from the citizen-committee appointed by Council to review our financial decisions and make recommendations, known as the Financial Review Board. The FRB's letter also opposed Issue 21 and referenced an earlier letter it had submitted to Council back in May, when discussions of a new income tax were first revealed by the mayor. Copies of these letters are in the Available Documents section of this web page.

I welcome your feedback, comments and questions regarding this issue. It certainly could have a major impact on our City's financial structure.

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