Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Police Audit At This Time

Monday evening, the Finance Committee decided to table the matter of an audit of the EPD. The discussion included statements from the Chief of Police that any money that would be used for an audit would be better spent by the EPD for personnel, overtime or equipment. The members of the committee generally agreed that an audit would be a good idea, but tabled the matter until City finances improve.

I continue to believe that an audit of the EPD at this time has the potential of saving money, giving the department some new direction with its new chief and providing some greater detail and insight into the department prior to the income tax ballot issue that will be decided by the residents in November. There has not been an audit of the EPD since 1979. Since that time, the geography, businesses and other demographics of the City have changed substantially and new technologies are available that warrant consideration for use by our department. An audit would help to develop operational and financial efficiencies and identify methods for improvement.

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