Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Income Tax for the Ballot

The proposal offered by Mayor Grace to eliminate the temporary .5% and replace it with a permanent .75% income tax dedicated solely to the Elyria Police Department passed Strategic Planning and will, most likely, be the plan that goes to the ballot in the fall.

A majority of Council also supported a proposal to use public funds to pay for the income tax campaign, using $30,000 of money from the JEDD fund. This is the first time that Elyria has ever used or tried to use public money to pay for a political campaign, which is a concept prohibited by the Ohio Revised Code for other public bodies.

There is a specific exception for charter municipalities in R.C. Section 9.03(A) that allows them to avoid the prohibition set forth in R.C. Section 9.03(C)(1)(e) that "no governing body of a political subdivision shall use public funds to do any of the following: * * * (e) Supports or opposes the nomination or election of a candidate for public office, the investigation, prosecution, or recall of a public official, or the passage of a levy or bond issue."

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