Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Streets for 2010

Last night, Council approved the 2010 street repair list. As a result of this meeting, the only side street in the 4th ward that will be paved this year through the regular street repair program is Eschtruth.

However, as you can see from the document associated with the streets, there are several streets that will be repaired using Issue 2 monies, including portions of Washington Avenue, Ohio Street, Columbus Street, Harrison and St. Clair.

Beverly Ct will also be repaired as part of a water main replacement.


dantana said...

Huntington Circle (west end of "the bone")has been neglected year after year even in the patching of potholes. Last year they patched 6 out of 14 holes. The previous year they patched one out of twelve potholes in the cul-de-sac. WTH? Even though it's a dead-end street we get a lot of traffic. You'd be surprised at the riff raff that use our circle as their personal raceway.
We're all constructing rock gardens from the concrete debri that builds up.
Eschtruth?! That's it?! Are you kdding me?

MARK F. CRAIG said...

As you can see from the rankings I submitted, I listed this road as 21st in the ward with a rank of "2" (1-5, 1 is the worst): "Concrete portion has cracks, crumbling, holes need patched at intersection, cul-de-sac"

The Engineering department ranked it as a 1.5.

I agree that in certain sections, it is in terrible disrepair. I will advise the Street Department to come out and do some patching. You can also report to City Hall any time there is a pothole or other section of the road that is in need of immediate repair.