Friday, March 26, 2010

Town Hall Meeting a Success!

Despite the unexpected snow, the Town Hall meeting was a success! 85 residents were in attendance for a comprehensive overview of many city departments and the impacts of the 2010 budget spending reductions. Don Brackenhoff presented an overview of the new automated trash pickup system and brought a container for everyone to see. Also making presentations and answering resident questions were Fire Chief Rich Benton, City Engineer Mukund Moghe, Streets Superintendent Gary Dickerson, Parks and Recreation Department Head Frank Gustaff (and his assistant, Lisa Bowman), Building Department Head Phil LaHetta and Police Chief Duane Whitely.

This was probably the most informative town hall meeting to date. A summary of information from this meeting is being compiled and will be made available on this web site once it is completed.

I look forward to your feedback as we plan the content and format for the next meeting. Thanks to everyone in attendance, participants and speakers!


Gwynneth said...

I appreciate the appraisal of the Ford Rd. bridge project given by the city engineer at the town hall meeting last night. I live on Ford Rd. and realize that it would be a major expensive project. Because the road itself is obsolete and in disrepair and the bridge is single-lane and in terrible shape, it would cost too much right now. We don't really need to spend so much money to make a ten-minute shortcut. Instead we should spend our limited budget on keeping West River Rd and Gulf Rd in good shape.

Gwynneth said...

I know that in Erie, PA, plastics with numbers 1 through 7 are collected by the city for recycling and profit. This would be a good thing for Elyria to look into. Thank you for this opportunity to make comments.