Monday, March 29, 2010

Proposed Changes to 2010 Budget

Below I have outlined my proposed revisions to the 2010 Budget in order to provide additional funds to the EPD for new computers and cars, to operate all 4 pools so that they do not fall into irreparable disrepair and to open North and East Rec pools, both of which have heaters.

In the Available Documents section is the revised spreadsheet with proposed changes for the 2010 budget. These additional revisions were made after I had reviewed the budget expenditures in these areas from last year (sheets also attached). We clearly have additional monies in those funds that can be allocated to these other areas in need. I propose that the "credit balance unapplied" you see at the bottom of the sheet in the amount of $47,183.00 be distributed to the Swimming Pools so that the pool at North Rec can be open to the public, along with East Rec pool, and that the other two pools be operated as they were last year to avoid damage.

Although the budget is "a fluid document," we need to make these changes effective immediately and pass them with the budget or else it will be too late to man and operate the pools. It also makes sense to make the changes to the EPD capital expenditure items, particularly in light of the fact that we will have additional monies coming in to pay for 2009 federal prisoners, which monies have not yet been allocated.

The rationale for each of the reductions is expressed below:

1. Legislative Activity contingency: There is no need to have $10,000 in this line item "just in case." There is already a buffer included by increasing Operating Supplies and Repair and Maintenance by $16,400 over last year's expenditures.

2. JEDD Professional Services--we only used ~$68K in this fund last year and this year the request is for $142,500. Part of the 2009 expense includes an expense of $13,500 for the 2015 plan that will not be an expense in 2010, which funds can be used for other purposes. Therefore, an increase to $82,500 should be sufficient, freeing up $60,000.

3. Misc Gov't Judgments and Damages: The $25,000 used last year was for the insurance deductible to pay the judgment inteh Hetzel See case. I don't believe we have any judgments or threat of judgments that will be paid this year, so those funds are not needed in the 2010 budget. However, I left $15,000 just in case, freeing up the $10,000.

4. Public Refunds: There was $4123.67 spent in this category in 2008. 2009 had some expenditures that are non-repeating. Rather than include $30,000, this should be revised to $10,000, freeing up an additional $20,000.

5. Misc. Gov't Professional Services: The request is for $277K, $76,000 more than we spent last year. In 2009, we spent $201K in this category, which included $22K for Hetzel See legal fees, a non-recurring expense. We could certainly get by with $200K for 2010, freeing up $77K.

6. Auditor and Treasurer's Fees: We spent $56,638.44 in 2009, yet the request is for $80,000. This should be lowered to $60,000, freeing up $20,000.

These reductions will allow $45,000 to be allocated to the EPD for new computers. The existing ones are over 9 years old. It will also allow $75,000 to be used for new cars. The newest cars in the department are four years old.

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