Tuesday, February 2, 2010

City Finances--2010 Budget Discussions

For those of you interested in the City's finances and the budget process, there are several upcoming meetings that may be of interest to you. All of these meetings are listed under the Upcoming Events section of this web page.

1. Finance Committee (Feb. 8), at which the first draft of the 2010 budget will be presented and reviewed by the Safety Service Director.

2. Financial Review Board (Feb. 16), which is the citizen committee selected to review the City's finances and make recommendations. The duties of the Financial Review Board are to review the budget, year end reports and other financial matters of the City; to meet with Council’s Finance Committee, the administration, the Auditor, Finance Director and such other persons as the Board deems advisable; and to make recommendations to Council concerning the City's financial matters.

3. Finance Committee (Feb. 22), at which the department heads will present their needs and budget requests for 2010.

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