Monday, January 11, 2010

SR 57/West River Rd. N Comments

In response to questions and comments received from several residents, below I have copied some information received from the Engineer's office that might help.

Almost all of the changes that were made to the traffic patterns, lane assignments, signal timings and signs were the result of a S.R. 57 Traffic Corridor Study, new lanes pattern and upgrade to current requirements and standards. The coordination of the traffic signals has not been fully implemented. The subcontractor that installed the signals is continuing to work with the manufacturer to modify the programming in the traffic controllers to improve the coordination and efficiency of the traffic signals at the 7 intersections.

Point 1: Prior to the project, there was only one thru lane northbound on West River Rd. The plans called the existing median island on W. River north of S.R. 57 to be removed and two northbound thru lanes to be marked. We currently are keeping the right thru lane northbound closed while modifications to the new traffic pattern is being reviewed with ODOT.

Point 2: The turning movements for the westbound S.R. 57 right turn lane to West River Rd. north are being reviewed. We are having both ODOT and the designer look at the option of adding an additional signal in the traffic island that would have better visibility to the motorists in the right turn lane. We have advanced signs indicating traffic signal for right turn. We need a signal at this location that would stop traffic when the pedestrian crossing signal is activated. There are currently signs in place that prohibit a left turn onto Bell Ave. from S.R. 57 northbound and also prohibit the left turn onto S.R. 57 from Bell Ave.

Point 3: The camera mounted on the pole is specifically for Video Detection Unit and not to monitor any traffic or speed. This unit is in place to detect the movements of the traffic westbound on the westbound lanes of S.R. 57 instead of the normal pavement detector loops. Due to the proximity of the Bridge over the Black River, detector loops could not be cut into the concrete bridge deck and the traffic control designer had the Video Detection Unit installed instead of the loops. This detection unit relays information to the traffic signal controller for westbound thru traffic.

Point 4: As was mentioned earlier, we are in the process of improving the coordination of the signals from intersection to intersection.

Point 5: The spacing of the lights was designed based on illuminating the pavement area as per the normal design parameters.

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