Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Council Convened (Contact Information)!

On January 4, 2010, the new City Council was sworn in for the 2010-11 term. Congratulations and welcome aboard to new council members Marcus D. Madison (Ward 5), Jerry A. McHugh (Ward 7) and Mary F. Siwierka (At-Large). The updated contact information for Council is now posted under Documents on this web page and also listed below:

Ward 1 Larry W. Tanner 322-2521
Ward 2 Forrest L. Bullocks 322-7370
Ward 3 Garry L. Gibbs 322-6960
Ward 4 Mark F. Craig 366-0608
Ward 5 Marcus D. Madison 323-2817
Ward 6 Donna Mitchell 323-6901
Ward 7 Jerry A. McHugh 366-5150
At-Large Thomas G. Callahan 365-8972
At-Large Michael J. Lotko, III 322-3501
At-Large Mary F. Siwierka 322-0016
At-Large Victor F. Stewart III 284-5848

Best wishes to all!

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