Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Upcoming Meetings--Fire Audit Results, Tax Increase discussions

On Wednesday, July 8, there will be a Public Utilities, Safety & Environment Committee meeting.

On July 22, there will be a Strategic Planning Committee meeting for a presentation regarding the results of the Fire Management Audit.

Also on July 22, Council is likely to continue the discussion regarding a tax increase proposal for the November ballot, as time is running out. August 5 is 90 days prior to the election, which is the deadline by which Council must vote to place an income tax increase on the ballot. The Council is currently reviewing four "Scenarios" for consideration, which include the three previous "Scenarios" and a new scenario that involves an income tax increase to 2.25% total, which would yield $6M. The breakdowns of each scenario (dedicated use) is also open for discussion. These Scenarios are included in the Documents section of this web page.

If you have any thoughts regarding a proposed tax increase, please contact City Council members directly or at the upcoming meetings.

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