Monday, June 29, 2009

SR 57 Questions

I was recently asked by some residents to respond to several questions, then post them on the web site. These questions and the responses are posted below:

1. They've heard that there were 10 change orders on the Rt. 57 project - what were they and how much $$ do they represent;

Attached is a copy of Funding Details presented to Council Finance Committee. The details show all approved and possible future Change orders. Change order no. 2 & 3 are for the Joint Repairs. [see Documents section for the attachment].

2. Who verifies that the money that is appropriated is used where it is supposed to be used (i.e. if the mulch was an additional $43k, how much mulch was purchased, from whom, etc.);

Each item of work is specified in the contract as per ODOT standards and requirements. The mulch quantity is additional quantity actually used for the project. K.E. McCartney is our construction manager on this project. They take all the measurements for the project. The project is under FHWA oversight and is monitored by ODOT and FHWA. The inspector from ODOT regularly visits the site for monitoring. All measurements and payments have to go through ODOT and FHWA. The mulch is part of contract and is bought by Shelly’s sub-contractor for the project..

3. Who is doing the landscaping along Rt. 57 and how did they get selected;

Shelly Company hired Down to Earth Landscaping from Garfield Hts. It is up to Shelly Company to hire their sub-contractors..

4. What type of light bulbs will be used in the new lights along Rt. 57 (energy efficient, regular, etc.);

Conventional 240 Volt, Type II, 250 Watt, Metal Halide will be used for this project to meet ODOT 2005 specifications..

5. It appeared that 2 new tractors were being used along Rt. 57 for mowing - where did those come from and how much did they cost?

Shelly’s sub-contractor CJ Zak of Richfield was using new tractors for erosion control. They own the equipments. They are not required to provide or buy new equipments for the project..

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