Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Longevity Pay and Mileage Allowances paid to City employees to be discussed at Finance Committee meeting, June 8

City Council's Finance Committee will meet on June 8, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers to discuss the longevity pay and mileage allowances currently being paid to city employees, including elected officials.

(a) Longevity compensation shall be limited to full-time employees and shall be computed from the first day of full-time employment with the City and length of service.

(b) After completing one full year of continuous employment with the City, the employee shall be given an additional one percent wage.

(c) The one percent increment will continue each year until the employee reaches the maximum amount of twenty percent. Thereafter, the benefit will remain at twenty percent as long as the employee remains on the City payroll in a full-time capacity.

(d) An employee is allowed one interruption of such continuous service, but only if that interruption is for less than 200 days. An interruption of 450 days or more means that longevity starts from the day the employee returns to the payroll. If less than 200 days, the days missed will be counted towards an employee's longevity, while the days missed between 200 and 449 days will not be counted towards longevity, but will be subtracted from such employee's total longevity time.

(Ord. 89-6. Passed 1-3-89.)

(a) When a City employee is required to drive his or her personal automobile for any Municipal business, he or she shall be given an allowance at the current business standard mileage rate allowed by the Internal Revenue Service for business purposes under Internal Revenue Code Section 162.
(Ord. 97-300. Passed 12-15-97.)
(b) If the travel pertains to a meeting, conference or convention out of town, the allowance shall be to and from the site of activity as computed by the American Automobile Association, Ohio Motorist's Association.
(c) Turnpike tolls and parking fees shall be considered an additional expense and shall be reimbursed upon presentation of a receipt.
(d) The City Auditor may adopt procedures pertaining to the payment of and reimbursement for expenses incurred by employees.
(e) A travel allowance for automobile expenses is established for the Mayor. Said travel allowance shall be calculated on the basis of 15,000 miles annually at a mileage allowance rate of thirty seven and one-half cents ($0.375) per mile or at the mileage allowance rate provided for City employees in division (a) of this section, whichever is greater. One twelfth of said allowance for each year, as determined hereunder, shall be paid to the Mayor on the date of the first regular City pay of each calendar month effective, January 20, 2004. Said allowance will be in lieu of the City providing the Mayor a vehicle.
(Ord. 90-298. Passed 12-3-90; Ord. 2004-2. Passed 1-20-04; Ord. 2004-8. Passed 2-2-04.)

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