Sunday, March 8, 2009

Street Repair Time!

It is time to turn in a list of streets for repair during the 2009 construction season. I spent most of the weekend driving the streets of the Ward and noting the condition of each so that I can submit my list to the Engineering Department for further analysis.

The process works like this--first, the ward councilperson analyzes the street conditions in the ward. Second, ward council submits a list of proposed streets for repair to the Engineering Department. Third, the Engineering Department prepares its own rankings for the streets and estimates costs for repairs. Fourth, the Public Utilities, Safety & Environment Committee meets to review the list, the estimates and the amount of money available for repairs and votes on a final list to be repaired in 2009. The final list is submitted to full Council for approval.

I have submitted my list to the Engineering Department. A copy of the list is available under the Documents section on this web site. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact me. I will post as comments under this post the dates that are set for the PUSE Committee meeting and when this matter comes before full Council.

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MARK F. CRAIG said...

During last Monday's budget discussion at the Finance Committee meeting, it was mentioned that West River Road N. may be repaired from Griswold Road to Schadden Road due to other repairs in the area. Even though this would not be the entire road to the township line, it would be a great start! With a reduced scope of repair for the rest of the road between Schadden Road and the township, the cost would be lower and it might happen more quickly. We will continue to push for funds to be allocated to repair West River Rd. N.