Sunday, March 8, 2009

No New Wal-Mart at Griswold--Lot for Sale

Despite years of expectation for a new Wal-Mart to go in at the corner of Griswold and West River Rd. N., the property is now up for sale and Wal-Mart notes that it has no plans to put in a new store at that location. The condition of West River Road N. has deteriorated significantly over the years, and the City has told residents in that area that it has put off road construction in that area because it was concerned that the heavy construction trucks for the new Wal-Mart store would tear up the road. This should no longer be an excuse to delay repairs on W. River Road N.

The "For Sale" sign went up at the beginning of March. Tom Molich, long-time resident of W. River Rd. N. and strong advocate for road repairs in that area, learned last week that the property was for sale. He informed Mayor Grace, who was completely unaware. Don Brackenhoff, the City's "economic development director" told reporters that he has not spoken with anyone from Wal Mart yet.

Wal Mart says that it intends to focus on its existing store on Midway Blvd and no longer has plans to bring a new store to Elyria. Residents in the area should continue to keep an eye on the property for vagrants, vandalism and high grass and will report any violations to the City so that the property is maintained.

The story broke yesterday (March 7) in the Lorain Morning Journal and can be found at

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