Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Street Repair Meeting

Last night, the Public Utilities, Safety and Environment Committee met to discuss street repairs for 2009. Engineering provided a list of top-priority streets for repair with estimates (a copy can be found here: 2009 Preliminary Estimates and options for Resurfacing). Discussion included major projects and funding sources, including NOACA (federal money), Issue 2 (state money) and federal stimulus money. West River Rd. N. was a topic of discussion, along with Ford Road Bridge.

The Auditor anticipates that $808,323 will be available for 2009 Street Resurfacing. Including the below 4th Ward streets, the estimated cost to repair the streets ranked as "1" (must repair) for all wards in the city total $557,166.

Ward 4 streets that have already been estimated and were provided for discussion purposes include:
Bailey Court, $8,992
Elywood Drive, $41,969
Eschtruth Street, $73,718
Penrose Court, $36,839

We also asked the Engineer to obtain estimates for Caroline Street and for Windsor, from Stafford to the cul-de-sac.

West River Rd. N was discussed at great length. Engineering believes that the road should also be widened to help stabilize it and allow for better drainage. Preliminary estimates for all options with W. River Rd. N include:

Repair from lift station north to city limit: $172,905
Widening 2' on each side for above section: $94,710
Repair from lift station south to Griswold: $100,474
Widening 2' on each side for above section: $35,175
Total Possible for W. River Rd. N.: $403,264

As previously mentioned, the portion from Griswold to the lift station (near Schadden Rd.) will likely be repaired using money from the enterprise fund as part of the lift station work. If we want to repair West River Rd. N. this year, 100% of the repair money (other than that section) will come from our own street resurfacing funds. We can obtain state or federal money to pay for these repairs, but the earliest the repairs would happen is 2010. As such, we need to make a decision whether to repair W. River Rd. N this year or try to wait one more year.

Due to federal stimulus money, funding of SR 57 was supplemented by $1.7 million. This covers the $1 million in cost overruns, plus the additional $700K for the City's contribution to the project. Therefore, we were already prepared to borrow $700K for street repairs, to be applied to SR 57 and we can still borrow this money but use it elsewhere in the City. We still need to spend approximately $110,000 on the SR 57 project this year, which would either come from our existing Street Resurfacing funds, or from the $700,000 we could borrow.

Other possible uses for the $700,000 include additional side street repairs, engineering for the repair of Ford Road Bridge ($116,400), design costs for W. River Rd. N if we submit it for NOACA funding ($100,000), or $700,000 to be applied to the engineering for the widening of East Broad Street. The Mayor informed the Committee that an additional $100,000 from the Street Resurfacing funds would also need to be allocated if we decide to proceed with the East Broad Street project.

There has not been a follow-up meeting scheduled yet. Please contact me with any thoughts or suggestions regarding the above.

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