Monday, March 16, 2009

Agreement to Avoid Layoffs in the Elyria Fire Department

Over the past few days, the City reached an agreement with the EFD to avoid layoffs. Tonight, the Finance Committee will review the agreement and recommend approval or rejection of the Agreement. The Agreement specifically requires Council approval and contains certain items that must be approved by Council, such as funding sources for various activities, approval of the changes to the Elyria Firefighters collective bargaining agreement and an agreement by the City to place a special tax on the ballot (property, income tax increase or income tax credit reduction) to be dedicated to the EFD.

A copy of the ordinance and the Agreement are available in the documents section of this web page. If you have questions or comments about this issue, plan to attend the Finance Committee tonight at 6 p.m., submit your comments to the Clerk of Council's office (326-1550) or contact a Council member. The Finance Committee consists of:

Forrest Bullocks, Chair: 322-7370,
Tom Callahan: 365-8972,
Garry Gibbs: 322-6960,
Lary Tanner: 322-2521 (no email available)

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MARK F. CRAIG said...

After meeting in Executive Session for a long discussion about the situation, the Finance Committee declined to make a recommendation to full Council to support or reject the proposed agreement with the EFD. In the Special Council meeting, the agreement was rejected by a vote of 10-1, with Mr. Lotko being the sole supporter. He noted that if the agreement was not passed and the Court grants the injunction to avoid layoffs until the fire audit is completed, that the City will not even have the concessions made by EFD to save money.

The agreement between EFD and the Administration could be executed by those parties without Council support. The only remaining provision in the proposed agreement that required Council to approve is to agree to place a tax on the ballot that would, in part or in full, be used to support the EPD. Now that Council has rejected the agreement, it is up to the Administration and the EFD to work together to make concessions and find ways to save money in the budget to avoid layoffs and keep the manning levels as high as possible.