Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2009 City Budget for Review

Today is the day the administration stated it will be issuing the proposed budget for 2009 to Council members for review and discussion at Monday night's Finance Committee meeting (see Upcoming Events for date and time). This version will include the impacts of the 34 full-time employees who will be laid off (including 7 firefighters), the 20 employees of the EPD who will be lost, the 10% pay reductions for the employees of elected officials and the compression of the Parks and Recreation Department and its programs.

The latest copy of the budget worksheet is now posted in the Documents section of this web page so that it can be downloaded and reviewed. The Finance Committee meeting is open to the public, although the chairman has not stated whether or not he will allow time for the public to comment on the proposed budget. You can also submit comments to the Clerk of Council's office for distribution to all Council members at (440) 326-1550 or by email to or

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