Saturday, January 3, 2009

Income Tax Increase in 2009?

With all of the talk about laying off police and fire personnel, one can only assume that there will soon be discussion regarding an income tax increase for 2009. It would not be surprising to see such a measure on the May ballot. Last May, when voters thought the income tax renewal was a new income tax increase, it was rejected 68.9% to 38.1%. With job losses, layoffs, foreclosures and other financial impacts of our down economy hitting our residents, I cannot help but think that the result of a new income tax increase would be similarly rejected. Let me know your thoughts on this issue (also see new poll on the right side of this page if you wish to weigh in quickly).

The 2009 budget is currently being discussed by department heads and the administration. Unfortunately, the Finance Committee has not scheduled any special hearings for budget preparation or review, although Council members are invited to participate in the budget discussions between the administration leaders and department heads. Once again, this will be a discussion led by the administration and not by a direction set by Council.

If you would like to participate in budget discussions, plan to attend the upcoming Finance Committee and regular Council meetings and voice your opinions.

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