Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ford Road Bridge

The 2008 Bridge Inspection Reports have been completed by our Engineering Department and were approved by Council last night. One particular area of concern is the Ford Road one-lane bridge over the Black River near Bur Oak Park. This bridge is rapidly deteriorating. Engineering will continue to monitor the condition of this bridge and there is a real possibility that the bridge will be closed. Further, the road descending to the bridge when you are coming from Wal Mart is deteriorating and crumbling. This area is becoming dangerous for travel and there is no money allocated for a fix now or in the near future.

A copy of the Ford Road Bridge Inspection report is located in the Documents section.


Pole & 18th-21st Street Block Watch said...

I love that bridge its one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the city. It tends to go underwater in heavy floods which is probably part of the reason it's in such bad shape. I think a campaign needs to be started to raise money from donations to save it or rebuild it. are there any grants available pertaining to the metro parks since it's so close to two of them?

Mark F. Craig said...

Good question, especially since it provides access from the maintenance area to Burr Oak. However, repair of the bridge is the City's responsibility and it would probably require the use of local funds.

Anonymous said...


This is a landmark for Lorain County as most people know it when it is under water.

Choose your battles wisely, as you are doing very well so far as a council person.

Dan Ezell said...

I was in dire need of getting to I-80 East on Friday. Coming from Erie School area, Route 254 towards 57 west backed up, I-90 west bound to 57 was bumper to bumper so Ford Rd was my saving "Grace."
Mayor needs to grow a political pair and get this town into better fiscal condition.
Infrastructure creates jobs, which creates taxes and no one is going to vote to extend the 1.5% tax unless he starts knocking on some figging doors. Where's the sense of urgency? You can't run a productive city from behind a desk.