Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Traffic control--Hilliard and Gulf Road Intersection

Yesterday I submitted a referral for the City to consider installing a light or other traffic control device at the intersection of Hilliard and Gulf Roads. I have received a few calls about this issue, including one yesterday from a resident in the area who will be contacting people in the Hilliard-area neighborhoods to find out if a majority of people agree there is a need. I have also added a new poll to the site regarding this issue.

Feel free to contact me if you have strong feelings either way.


Matt Swabb said...

There are 3 places in this city that need lights - Hilliard and Gulf, Burns and Gulf and the biggest need is Griswold and W.River.

No reason that any of these intersections should be without a traffic light. They've been dangerous for many years.

Mark F. Craig said...

The light at Griswold and W. River is slated to be installed with the construction of the new Super Wal Mart at that location, thus the hold. Of course, there is no firm start date for that construction at this time.

I also noted that the plans for the Super Wal Mart in Lorain at Lighthouse Village have been approved by the Planning Commission and are headed to Lorain City Council for approval at the September 15 meeting, which may also have an impact on our construction.

ARZ said...

A traffic light is really not needed at the Gulf- Hilliard Road. People need to be more curtious and responsible drivers when approaching this intersection. As drivers we need to assume responsiblity for ourselves and watch out for the other guy and not rely on government(city, state or Federal) to solve our problems as to why we can't be careful ourselves. I have taught my children to drive with care especially at this intersection. One needs to know that they should position their car at the optimum position to eliminate blind spots and NOT go pass the solid white line before it is clear to enter the intersection. As for the near misses at this intersection, it may have increased due to many drivers holding their cell phones to their ear while driving around the curve with one hand on the wheel. I have observed this many, many times! Again this is a good cause for the reason to purchase a bluetooth wireless device if you have to talk on the phone while driving.

Mark F. Craig said...

At the committee meeting, one resident appeared with petitions signed by 60 of her neighbors in support of this traffic signal. The Engineering Department stated that the last traffic study had been conducted four years ago but recommended that we wait until SR 57 is fully open again so that we have a normal traffic pattern. That is estimated to be in November by the contractor. The committee agreed to put consideration of a traffic study on hold until SR 57 is fully open again.

deerwatcher said...

The speeding on Gulf Road contributes greatly to the danger of the intersection of Gulf and Hilliard. There doesn't seem to be ANY traffic enforcement in the area and traffic has really increased with the construction on Rt 57. The intersection at Burns is very busy with college traffic and the shopping center traffic at Cobblestone.