Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 7 City Council Meeting-excerpts

One of our residents has recorded portions of the most recent City Council meeting and has sent links to me to where they are posted on YouTube.

See the below links to video of the July 7 City Council meeting, including comments during the miscellaneous section of the meeting regarding hiring of new firefighters, the fire department audit and status of the 2015 Steering Committee recommendations.

Also during the meeting (but not on video), Mr. Molich expressed his concerns and provided some history regarding the condition of West River Road North, from Griswold north to the City limits. He stated his belief that the City needs to resurface West River Road and make it a top priority because it has been in poor condition for too long and continues to worsen. This is a topic that was discussed by the Utilities Committee (which was also attended by residents to express this concern) when it met in the spring to discuss the resurfacing list for 2008. The most recent delay in paving West River arises from the desire to wait until the new Wal Mart has been completed because it is anticipated that heavy construction traffic will come down West River from the north. Wal Mart will not commence until spring 2009 at the earliest (and has no current projected start date). The road continues to deteriorate and the Engineering Department informed the committee that there will be significant patching on West River to help alleviate the rough road. Update from EFD after fire Part 2 (recess during meeting) Part 3 (comments from the lobby) Questions regarding EFD, 2015.

Hopefully we can get entire meetings recorded in the near future and improve the quality of recording, at least with the use of a tripod to keep the picture from shaking. The issue of televised council meetings is still under review by the Rules Committee.

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