Thursday, April 3, 2008

Street Repair Time--public meetings

Last night at the Safety/Environment/Utilities Committee meeting we were provided with a copy of a proposed street list. This list included a breakdown of the money collected for street repairs and how it is allocated between projects, showing what is left over for actual street repairs. A copy is posted below the Available Documents section of the blog.

It is startling that, out of $1 million currently allocated for street repairs, we only have approximately $555,000 left to actually pave roads. The combined list of streets ranked as "1" (the worst ranking, which means most in need of repair on a scale of 1-5) is estimated to cost $943,631. This means that we have to make some choices:

1. We can increase the monies allocated for street repairs;
2. We can cut down the resurfacing list and repair fewer of the streets with a "1" rank; or
3. We can move money from the other projects (SR 57/I90, Issue 2 Projects, Concrete Repairs) and re-allocate those funds to street repairs.

People ask about the license plate fees and the gas tax and how those monies are used. The 2008 Resurfacing Document gives a proposed breakdown. These monies are going toward road improvements, but a good portion of the money goes to leverage big projects, leaving a smaller amount to actually resurface and repair the other streets.

The next committee meeting will be Wednesday, April 9 at 6:00 p.m. If you are interested in voicing your opinion about the three options above, or wish to suggest alternatives, please consider speaking at the meeting. Hopefully the street repairs will be on the agenda for further discussion. If you have strong feelings in advance of that meeting, be sure to contact the committee members (Lotko, Brubaker, Mitchell, Stewart, Craig).

Be advised that April 9 will also be the meeting at which the Fire Department issues will be discussed, with presentations from the Mayor and the Fire Department, after which questions will be posed by Council and the public. In other words, it may be a long meeting, although I would hope that the EFD issues would be discussed last.

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JoseyWales said...

If I have equipment that is in need of repair and lack the funds to effect them, I put them away until I can repair them. Let's put up signs and detours "Closed" "Local Traffic Only" and proceed with caution. We can all swerve to miss the potholes. Signs of the times. No more taxes, just sad choices.