Saturday, April 26, 2008

St. Jude Block Watch

Part of the St. Jude Block Watch area is in the 4th Ward. A map of the area is now under the Documents section if you are not certain whether or not you are included in this area. A general meeting was held this past Thursday at St. Jude's. As always, good information was made available, including the Elyria Block Watch Information sheets, which are also included in the Documents section.

It came to light that several streets (16 total) do not have block watch captains. Eight of these streets are in the 4th Ward, including:

Elma Drive
Caroline Street
Preston Street
Hamilton Street
Lafayette Street
Harwood Street
Ohio Street
Beverly Court

Cleveland Street is also in need of a block watch captain, but only one resident lives in the 4th Ward.

If you are interested in becoming a Block Watch Captain, contact myself or Carol Caruso, the St. Jude Block Watch Coordinator, at 320-4441.

The date for the next meeting has not yet been set. However, there was some interest in having a picnic over the summer, which will most likely be the next time everyone gets together. Contact Carol Caruso for information about the picnic.

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