Monday, April 7, 2008

Public Meeting Changed...AGAIN! (Fire and Streets)

The public meeting to discuss the Fire Department has been changed to Thursday, April 10 at 6:00 p.m. We hope that this time it will remain as scheduled without further changes. It is already significantly overdue, as Council Rules require a public hearing on any referred matter within 30 days. This will also be the meeting at which we will discuss the proposed street repair lists, unless the agenda is changed by Committee Chairman Mike Lotko.

As you may recall, after the Fire Department topic was cancelled at the last minute last Wednesday, it was rescheduled for this Wednesday, the committee's normal meeting day (although this is the off-week for committees) and the new date and time was reported in the Lorain Morning Journal. I am not sure when the meeting was rescheduled, as I was not consulted about my availability for the new date and time, although I am a committee member.

Confused yet? I hope you can keep up with the changes. After all, one of the City's goals for this year are improved communications. Let them know how they are doing on that goal. I hope to see you at the hearings!

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Mark F. Craig said...

The only thing currently on the agenda for this meeting will be the matter of the fire department staffing issues.

The streets will be discussed at a future meeting of the committee.