Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fire Department Hearings-Wednesday, April 2 at 6:00 p.m.

Tonight on the agenda for the Safety/Environmental/Utilities Committee is the matter of the Fire Department staffing levels. Mayor Grace will discuss his plans to close Fire Station #2 and shift dispatch duties. The Fire Department will also have a presentation regarding its staffing needs and the impact upon the safety of our city.

This is a public hearing. Anyone can come and speak without signing up ahead of time. If you have thoughts, ideas or opinions on the EFD manning levels or other related expenses, please take the time to come to the meeting and express yourself.

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Mark F. Craig said...

Here are some comments I received from an Elyria resident I am posting with his permission:

"Personally, I’d rather see more Police than Fire Fighters. I’m all about Safety Services Mark, but I believe that the FD has this mentality of “protecting their own” without regard of the current (financial) environment. Not just Elyria either, I believe it’s across the board – a “culture” if you will. I have been involved in Emergency Response jobs from Toledo to Wickliffe where every Firefighter in the world shows up when it’s not necessary…billing out OT, equip, etc. for insignificant responses. In one case a FD sent an invoice to one of my customers for $40k! I think it’s necessary that a serious review of costs associated with training, OT, equipment, uniforms, everything be done and budgeted against today’s dollar. How many FF’s does Elyria have that, after OT, make nearly 100k? How much of that is OT? How much do they, and all City employee’s for that matter, contribute toward their Health Insurance?

I’m sure some of comments probably are the “same old things” many have spoken of, but I believe there is a need to look further into costs. Maybe then you have additional manning? It’s a difficult issue for me – I’ve been use to “tightening the belt” and working harder, smarter, etc. when I have to. I’m sure you would agree."