Friday, April 18, 2008

2008 Street Repairs--Street List Cut by Committee

The list of streets for repair has been submitted by our Committee for review by full Council. A significant number of streets ranked as a "1" have been eliminated from this year's list due to lack of funding for street repairs. As a result, I suggested that we seek additional funds so that we can repair more of these streets that are ranked the worst in the City. Mayor Grace rejected that idea and nobody else from the Committee supported the idea, preferring instead to work with the amount provided by the administration and approved by full council in the Budget. As a result, I voted against the committee report.

I submitted a new referral, directing it to the Finance Committee, seeking a review of my suggestion to increase monies allocated to street repairs. According to the Auditor's latest monthly report, we have a $2.8 million cash surplus. I believe we should re-allocate $500,000 of this surplus to street repairs and start catching back up with repairs on our roads. These have a direct impact on resident's lives and give an impression to visitors coming through our City.

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Mark F. Craig said...

Do we have money or not? According to the recent article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about budget woes in the suburbs, Elyria's expenses increased 11% this year which will use up our net positive cash position (no source cited). If that is true, there will be no money left over for additional costs associated with hiring the six new firefighters and no money left to allocate to street repairs.