Friday, March 28, 2008

City Council Passes Budget, Unmodified

Last night at the special Council meeting, the Budget was passed 6-4 by Council as presented by the administration without a single change. Despite the large turnout of residents on Monday night for the public hearings, Council did not go back to the administration to seek any alternatives in the allocations set forth in this document. The four voting against the budget were myself, Kevin Krischer (5th Ward), Larry Tanner (1st Ward) and Garry Gibbs (3rd Ward). Although the majority of the ward representatives voted against it, none of the at-large representatives rejected it.

The permanent closure of Fire Station #2 will be discussed at the next Safety/Environmental/Utilities Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 2 commencing at 6:00 p.m. This will be a public hearing so if you have comments, questions or suggestions you may come and speak.


David said...

Thanks for all the all info Mark it is greatly appreciated, to the public, Im David Minnich I have been with the street dept. for 20+ years, So far up to date we have gone thru approx.$$ 35,494.22 from the month of jan.2008 thru 27 march o8 in coal patch alone filling the wholes out there, Approx. 30-35 tons of asphalt was used on rt.57 alone from cleveland st. to chesnut ridge and back yesterday, Our employees were flipped off and called names all of yesterday while doing this job with drivers driving above posted speeds and very erratic. We ask that you the public slow down while passing our workers and please refrain from treating the employees with disrespect, its a tough job , yesterday alone they put into the whole the 30-35 tons in one day, we are only the worker and not the one who makes the decisions, please remember that. thankyou Sincerely David H. Minnich

Mark F. Craig said...

Dave, thanks for your post. As we have seen in Elyria, if a road is left in disrepair for too long, it will fall apart and become very difficult to patch. We are seeing that now with SR 57. It was left for too long and is too far gone to be patched. We are wasting a great deal of money attempting to patch a problem because of the past failures to properly maintain it. The question is, how many other departments in the city are experiencing the same problem, suffering from neglect and simple patches no longer do the trick? This is another problem with a budget that changes weekly with no long-range goals or plans. We need to get back to basics and restore the foundation of the city again before we seek loftier goals.

JoseyWales said...

I apologize for our neighbors for the obscene gestures to the workers who have to drive on the same roads and have absolutely no say in the process. Due to the HEAVY truck traffic on Rt. 57, if concrete is not used in the reconstruction the problems we are experiencing now will certainly never be remedied. To use asphalt repaving techniques on this road would be a complete waste of money. Repair it correctly, the first time. Look at the ruts as you come to the light at ECHS.