Friday, February 9, 2018

Northwood Campus Construction Information Meeting

Please see below for a meeting notice from Elyria Public Schools, along with contact information:

Please join us for a neighborhood meeting on Thursday, February 15, 2018, from 6 to 7 PM at Windsor Elementary School, 264 Windsor Dr. The meeting will outline construction and timeline details for the building of the new Northwood Campus on Abbe Road North in Elyria.

The district’s construction manager and architect will be in attendance. The Northwood Campus will house preschool through grade eight, and is tentatively scheduled to open in 2019.

We look forward to seeing you.

Mary A. Wright
Executive Specialist
Superintendent’s Office
(440) 284-8201
(440) 284-0678 fax

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year and 2018 Council Information

Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season!  We are in a new term for City Council.  The Council Meeting Dates, City Holidays and City Council Contacts, Committee lists and Council Rules are all now updated in the Available Documents section of this web page, on the right-hand side.

Best wishes to all for a healthy and prosperous new year!

Mark F. Craig and family

Monday, December 4, 2017

2018 Elyria Draft Streets Selection List

Part of the process for City Council to select streets for repair is to rank the worst streets in the City.  Council members provide a list of streets to the Engineering Department, which then provides a ranking next to each street.  A ranking of "1" is the worst and a ranking of "5" is the best. 

The Engineering Department provides the Council with a list of proposed streets for repair based on other projects that might be needed as well to avoid tearing up newly-repaired roads, such as water mains, sewer lines and stormwater lines.  The Finance Director provides an amount for street repairs that year, then the Engineering Department makes recommendations to the Council.  The Engineer also marks on the list potential other sources of funding (such as Ohio Public Works Commission "OPWC" or Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency "NOACA").

These recommendations are then considered by the Council in the Utilities, Safety and Environment Committee.  Once that Committee reaches a consensus, they vote to send it to full Council for approval. 

Elyria still has not decided how much money will be spent on street repairs for the upcoming year.  This will depend upon the funds that the Finance Director projects to be available, and also depends upon whether or not the Council will designate any money to be applied towards street resurfacing and maintenance from the General Fund or other sources (such as Issue 6, Insurance Demutualization windfall fund, or other funds).

The draft streets selection list for 2018 has been provided by the Engineering Department as the first step in the process for 2018.  Again, this is the first step in the process.  This list is provided below:

Friday, November 24, 2017

Sanitation Rates to Increase

The Council voted to increase sanitation rates in the City for the next two years.  The third year's rate increases will likely pass at the next meeting.  This is to accommodate the fact that the administration has shifted our City Arborist and tree maintenance expenses to the Sanitation Fund, rather than continue to take it from Parks and Recreation Department from where it was paid for years.  Now these costs can be paid by raising rates, which residents have no ability to oppose by a vote, rather than from a department that is funded from the General Fund and Issue 6 funds, which come from income tax dollars.

If you are interested in the information that was presented to Council, you can find it in the Available Documents section of this web page (on the right, scroll down).

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Thank you, residents of the 4th Ward, for re-electing me to another term on City Council as your representative!  I will continue to advocate for the Ward's residents and their best interests, as well as the major issues facing the City of Elyria.

I appreciate your support and look forward to beginning my next term on January 1!

Thank you!


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Town Hall Meeting! October 23 at 7:00 p.m. EHS Performing Arts Center!

This fall, we were going to have the 4th Ward Town Hall Meeting at Valley of the Eagles, just prior to their scheduled grand opening.  However, construction delays caused a change of plans.  Therefore, we've decided to combine with the rest of City Council to have a citywide Town Hall Meeting on Issue 6 funds and expenditures.  Please plan to attend, ask questions, and participate with your wishes, ideas and requests.

City Council is sponsoring an Issue 6 Town Hall Meeting on Monday October 23rd at 7pm in the Elyria High School Performing Arts Center.  We will provide a history and overview of Issue 6 with income and expenditures and answer any questions and concerns that have arisen.

Please mark your calendars and spread the word. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Leaf Time!

Leaves should be raked to the curb in piles or rows as close as possible, but not into the street. No brush, twigs or other material should be mixed with leaves as these items clog the vacuum equipment and slow the collection process.

Please remember these important safety points:
• DO NOT allow children to play in leaf piles near the street/curb
• DO NOT place branches or other debris in the leaf piles. Doing so may result in non-collection of the leaves
• DO NOT park vehicles on or near leaf piles; we encourage residents to use their driveways during leaf and snow season in order to keep roadways clear and accessible.

For additional information or questions — please call the Elyria Street Dept. at 440-322-3129 or the Safety Service Director's office at 440-326-1404

All leaves collected are composted and not dumped at the landfill

Monday, October 2, 2017

W. River Rd. N is Re-Opened!

ODOT has completed its work on the I-90 bridge over W. River Rd. N. and it has re-opened between Griswold and the northern city boundary!

One less detour!  Be careful out there!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Gulf Road Repaving

Beginning Monday, June 24, Gulf Road between Whitman Blvd. and the Waste Water Treatment Plant at 1194 Gulf Road will undergo roadway reconstruction.

The contractor will begin the repaving process for Gulf Road between Whitman Boulevard and the Waste Water Treatment Plant at 1194 Gulf Road. The project will begin by replacing the southbound lane first. The north Crestview and Nottingham Drives will be closed for approximately two weeks. Access to both of these streets would be from the south entrance of Crestview Drive & Gulf Road.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Construction in the Ward

The East Side Interceptor project is now progressing down Whitman Blvd, which is completely blocked at Gulf Road.  This week, Gulf Road was closed just south of Crestview.  Several vehicles apparently drove through private properties to get around the barricades and barrels after hours and barrels were even moved by someone to get through the private yard.  The intersection of Gulf and Whitman will be CLOSED TO ALL TRAFFIC until the work is completed at that intersection.  The sewer will be making its way across Gulf towards Whitman.  With the depth of the sewer and the size of the trench, the Engineering Department decided for safety sake, the intersection needs to be closed 24/7.  No more after-hours local access.

W. River Rd. N. is narrowed over the turnpike so that work and repairs can be completed on the overpass.

Street resurfacing on Ford Road will be completed later this summer, so keep an eye out for the work in that area if you are using Ford Road regularly or as an alternate.

School's out for some and will soon be out for all the kids in the area.  Be extra cautious with kids playing outside near the street!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Town Hall Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the latest 4th Ward Town Hall Meeting are now available in the Available Documents section on this web page.  Look to the right and scroll down!  You will find other interesting information on this web site under that section as well.

It was a great, informative meeting and it was very well-attended.  There is nothing quite like a room full of neighbors who are interested and concerned about our city and are willing to ask questions, voice their opinions and provide feedback and ideas to our city leadership.  It is very appreciated and definitely noticed by our city representatives, as you heard at the meeting!

In the alternative, you can click the link below:

April 20, 2017 Town Hall Meeting Minutes

Friday, April 14, 2017


The next 4th Ward Town Hall Meeting will be Thursday, Apr. 20 at 6:30 p.m., at the American Legion, 393 Ohio St., Elyria, OH 44035.  

There will be updates to the East Side Interceptor Project, including discussion about the next phase of the project, and the Engineering staff will answer any other questions regarding engineering projects throughout the ward and city, including street projects, water, stormwater, wastewater and sewer projects.  They will also field questions about the development at Valley of the Eagles.

Police Chief Duane Whitely will also attend and provide an update and answer resident questions.

Please plan to attend!  This meeting will be very informative, as always!  RSVP to with a headcount.  Refreshments will be provided.

Friday, February 17, 2017

East Side Interceptor (Gulf Road) Project Information

Below is a link to the Project handouts from the public meeting held on February 14.  They are also available in the Available Documents section of this web page, down and to the right of this post.

East Side Interceptor Phase A and Phase B Sheets